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Web Accelerator Si³

Your network's job is to deliver applications and services, but as your business needs change and grow, it becomes more complex and more expensive for your infrastructure to keep up with these demands.

SI³ turns your network into an agile infrastructure for application delivery. It's a full proxy between users and application servers, creating a layer of abstraction to secure, optimize, and load balance application traffic. This gives you the flexibility and control to add applications and servers easily, eliminate downtime, improve application performance, and meet your security requirements.

Benefit of Si³

  • Easily deploy applications and ensure availability
  • Easily deploy and manage applications with user-defined Si³ iAppT Templates, and get complete visibility into the related statistics for those applications
  • Reduce servers, bandwidth, and management costs
  • Optimize your existing infrastructure and consolidate application delivery on a unified
  • Simple to manage platform
  • Accelerate your applications up to 3x
  • Reduce traffic volumes and minimize bottlenecks as well as the impact of WAN, LAN, and Internet latency on app and replication performance
  • Take control over application delivery, Control your application connection, traffic, configuration, and management with Si²'s unique OS, which includes an open API, event-driven scripting language, and device group scalability
  • Secure your applications and data
  • Protect the apps that run your business with powerful network-level and protocol-level security and attack filtering.

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